1. How long does SubliX already exist?
    SubliX exists since January 2011. In 2016 we started to specialize in gift items.

  2. Is SubliX affiliated with an quality mark?
    Certainly, we are affiliated with webwinkelkeur.nl and we adhere to the code of conduct.

  3. Are all amounts inclusive of VAT?
    Yes, all amounts are VAT included, VAT is shown separately.

  4. I want to order something and deliver it someware else, so the billing address is different from the delivery address, can you?
    Yes, this is possible. First enter your own (billing) address, and then remove the checkbox that says "Send to the same address". Once you uncheck this box, a new address field will appear (Shipping Address).

  5. I want to add a card / congratulations, can you?
    Yes of course ! Please contact us by email at info@sublix.nl and we will ensure that this is delivered.

  6. I want to get the article wrapped as a present, can you?
    This is certain, please indicate when the item needs to be wrapped as a gift. We wrap all items with transparent foil, ribbon and possibly a card.

  7. Do I have to pay extra for the card?
    No, you do not have to pay extra for this, this is a service from us to you.

  8. I want to order as a company, can i?
    Of course, please contact us if you want to order as a company.

  9. I have online a discount code of SubliX, but it does not work?
    Unfortunately, there are various discount codes-gathering sites that create discount codes themselves, thus attracting people to their sites. Unfortunately, we do not have anything to do with this. These parties have been addressed several times, but they refuse to remove the codes from their sites. Our discount codes are only distributed through our newsletter and our Facebook page. Therefore, codes you find on the internet will not work, as they have not been issued by us.

  10. Are you personalising everything yourself?
    We personalize all of the products ourselves.

  11. What is personalization?
    We give your gifts a personal touch by making the gift entirely to your wishes, for example, photos, names, texts, or other images.

  12. What is the delivery time?
    We ship within 1-3 business days. If you need it faster, please type URGENT in the field or send an email to info@sublix.nl. Your wish will be taken into account as much as possible.

  13. Can I also send an order directly to recipient?
    Of course this can be done. You first enter your own Billing Address, and then uncheck the box "Same Delivery Address." A new address field will appear.

  14. What brands do you sell?
    We personalize products from our own brands SubliX, XbliX and Fruit of the Loom, Russel, B & C, Piper, Uniwear, and many more.

  15. Does the right of withdrawal apply to all items?
    Personalized items are excluded from the right of withdrawal.

  16. What should I do if I'm not satisfied?
    Do you have a complaint about an item you ordered? Please send us a clear description and provide a picture. We will then look for a solution.

  17. How can I contact you best?
    The easiest thing is to do this by e-mail. You can send your email to info@sublix.nl here we respond very quickly. You can  also call +31(0)45-8800284) or contact us by contact form or on our facebook page.