Gift bucket - Bucket full of fun filled Deluxe

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Gift Bucket 12.5 liters for various occasions.

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Gift Bucket:Imprint: Bucket full of fun

A nice gift bucket that can be filled with the nicest things to spend a pleasant day or evening with.

Content Gift bucket:

* 2 bags of chips

* 1 bag of M & Ms

* 1 bag of nuts

* 2 Amuse dishes

* Filled Tea Box

* 2 tea bag holders

* 2 tea glasses

* 1 Etagere

* 2 card games

* 4 Pens

* 5 dice

* Yahtzee cup

* Yahtzee score block

All buckets can also be delivered with a name or a different theme.

Shipment within 1-3 business days after receiving your payment. Price does not include shipping costs.


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